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Skin Care Hacks That No One Knows About

Skin Care Hacks That No One Knows About

If the internet has taught us one thing, it’s that just about everything we do now can be done better, more efficiently, and more elegantly than we ever thought possible. From de-pitting an avocado to transforming old wood into faux marble, there’s a hack for everything.

Though “hacking” seems like a modern approach to life, our ancestors were natural hackers, who found multiple uses for everyday objects. You can expand your creativity by doing the same. 

Our expert dermatologists are dedicated to helping you have the most beautiful skin possible. That’s why we offer both medical and cosmetic services at our Specialists in Dermatology offices in The Woodlands, Texas, and Houston, Texas. Following are a few skin care hacks that can make your beauty routine more natural, and in some cases, just plain delicious. 

Soothe puffy eyes with tea 

Tea contains tannins and other ingredients that are anti-inflammatory and can soothe irritated, puffy, or tired eyes as well as acne skin. You can use any kind of organic tea. 

Steep your tea bag in nearly boiling water, as you would usually do. After they’ve cooled off, squeeze out excess liquid. 

Place the tea bags in the refrigerator for about 20 minutes until they’re cold. Then lie down with the cool bags resting on your closed lids as compresses. Thirty minutes later, your eyes look and feel refreshed.

Revive skin with oatmeal

Oatmeal moisturizes your skin. It also calms down inflammation, which makes it a perfect remedy for irritated or itchy skin.

Place a cup or so of raw oatmeal in a small, porous bag, and soak it in warm bath water. You can even hang it over the spout so that the oatmeal gets dispersed by the gushing water as you fill your tub.

You can even create a facial mask with a small amount of raw oatmeal mixed with water. Apply the paste to your face to moisturize, relieve puffiness, and help control acne. 

When you rinse off your face mask, gently rub the oatmeal into your skin. Oatmeal is a natural exfoliant that helps release and remove dulling, dead skin cells.

Blot oil with a coffee filter

You can purchase oil-blotting papers to take the shine off your nose and forehead throughout the day. However, the expense of these specialized packs can add up. You may also run out at an inopportune moment.

Luckily, any handy coffee filter can also serve as a blotter. Simply cut off an appropriate size and sop up the excess oil. You’re good to go!

Sleep wrinkle- and irritation-free with silk

Keep your morning face wrinkle-free by sleeping on a silk (not satin!) pillowcase. Pure silk’s tight weave keeps moisture, plus it’s less irritating than other fabrics, which is a bonus if you have sensitive skin. 

Unlike other fabrics, no chemicals are added to silk. You get a 100% natural sleeping experience. If you have eczema or other skin conditions, you may want to look into an antimicrobial European silk known as DermaSilk that’s free from a potentially irritating protein called sericin.

Feed your skin watermelon

The red pulp of watermelon is hydrating both when you eat it and when you apply it topically. Watermelon, like many fruits and vegetables, is rich in antioxidants and minerals that feed your skin.

In fact, watermelon pulp contains an antioxidant called lycopene that reduces inflammation. You can make a mask by pulverizing watermelon in a bowl, then applying directly to clean skin. Lie face up on a towel, because the watermelon has a tendency to slide off your face.

Baby your feet with socks

Although you can buy pre-moisturized socks, you can turn any pair of anklets into a beauty treatment that leaves your feet baby soft by morning. Simply moisturize your clean tootsies and soles before bed, by massaging them with a soothing oil or cream.

Then, before you hit the bathroom tiles, keep the emollient on your feet by covering them with socks. The socks not only keep the moisturizer close to your skin, but provide warmth that aids absorption.

Get customized advice

Do-it-yourself (DIY) skin hacks are fun but can be time-consuming and even a bit messy. Plus, they’re general tips that have nothing to do with your individual skin’s needs.

In contrast, our dermatologists evaluate your skin and assess its needs. We then customize a skincare routine for you. We may recommend treatments, such as chemical peels, to keep your skin soft and fresh. Our treatment plan also addresses specific issues, such as acne or hyperpigmentation.

You don’t have to rely solely on hacks and DIY methods to keep your skin looking and feeling its best. Contact our skin experts today at the Specialists in Dermatology location nearest you for customized diagnoses and treatment plans. Or, just use our convenient online contact form.

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