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Why Restylane Could Be the Filler for You

Why Restylane Could Be the Filler for You

Dermal fillers such as Restylane® have revolutionized aesthetics and skin rejuvenation. Without a single cut or stitch, you can lift and contour your face and even rejuvenate your hands.

In 2020, women and men in the United States underwent 3.4 million dermal filler treatments. Hyaluronic acid- (HA) based Restylane is one of the most popular fillers because of its ability to give instant results that last for months to years.

At Specialists in Dermatology, with offices in The Woodlands, Texas, and Houston, Texas, our expert dermatologists want you to find the right aesthetic treatments that give you the kinds of results you’d only dreamed of until now. Restylane’s HA-based gel comes in a number of consistencies so that you can treat a wide variety of issues. 

Restylane is one of our favorite collections of dermal fillers and could be yours, too.

Sculpt, contour, and lift your face

As you age, your skin thins and sags, which is why you want a filler that can add both volume and lift. In addition to loose and thin skin, sagging is also caused by age-related bone atrophy. Dermal fillers can make up for lost bone as well as lost skin volume.

Even if you aren’t in the anti-aging market, you may have been born with flat cheekbones or a recessed chin, neither of which gives your face the kind of “presence” and definition you’d like. We use Restylane LYFT™ and Restylane DEFYNE™ to sharpen and shape your:

LYFT is the firmest filler and is best for facial sculpting. Just one treatment can last for at least two years. DEFYNE is softer and more flexible. It lasts for at least a year. 

Erase creases, lines, and wrinkles

If you’re troubled by deep creases in your lower face, such as marionette lines and nasolabial folds, either the original Restylane or Restylane REFYNE™ instantly adds volume to areas of your skin that have collapsed into folds or wrinkles. 

REFYNE is flexible enough to use around the most dynamic areas of your face, such as your lips. Both of these fillers can last at least 18 months. 

Add volume, lift, and balance

No matter what your age, you may want to even out asymmetry in your face, add volume to areas that you feel are deficient, and lift as needed. Restylane VOLYME™ creates soft, natural volume in areas such as your cheeks and chin.

Restylane KYSSE™ reshapes and plumps your lips. You modify the shape, symmetry, and volume to make your lips more kissable, no matter what your age (as long as you’re over 18). VOLYME lasts at least 18 months KYSSE lasts at least a year.

Light up your eyes

Restylane’s latest filler, EYELIGHT™, is specifically formulated to treat your under eye area. This filler beautifully and naturally fills in tear troughs, smooths out under eye wrinkles, and alleviates dark shadows without the risk of a Tyndall effect. 

EYELIGHT makes your eyes look vibrant and alert. Whether you have dark shadows or sunken troughs because of genetics or aging, you don’t have to look tired anymore. EYELIGHT refreshes the look of your eyes for months at a time.

Restore your hands

As with the skin on your neck, the skin on your hands is very thin already and therefore is susceptible to sun damage and aging. We choose the right formulation of Restylane to bring life back into your hands by restoring lost volume. Veins and tendons are less visible so that your hands look youthful and smooth again.

Find out why women and men from around the world rely on Restylane to lift, restore, and contour their look to be their best selves. Contact our skin experts today at the Specialists in Dermatology location nearest you for a customized Restylane treatment, or use our convenient online contact form.

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